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A Quick Guide to Bartending

Bartending is surely an exciting career. To become one, you can obtain on-the-job training, work as an apprentice and become promoted. However, those who work in larger establishments are mostly required to have undergone either a long time of work experience or have taken vocational training.

Having formal training in bartending is still preferable. It gives employers the impression of professionalism and applicants with formal training may get higher compensation. Bartenders are usually required to be 18 years old or above before they can serve alcoholic beverages.

For those who are just about to take formal training in bartending, there's good news. This career is expected to grow by 9% until 2020. This growth rate in the field is slow compared with other careers but the good thing is that there's a high turnover among bartenders. This results in good opportunities to those who are just starting.

Bartenders with formal education and training also have an edge over non-professionally trained bartenders when applying in popular restaurants and fine-dining establishments. There is strong competition in high end restaurants and dining establishments because these places are known to generate high earning potential from customer tips.

The career growth for bartenders to be come from finding a better job at a more expensive dining establishment, bar or casino where customers are known to give bigger tips. Other bartenders get promoted to higher positions and become supervisors, maitre d's, assistant managers or restaurant managers. Some bartenders are also able to open up their own bars and become entrepreneurs.

Qualities required from bartenders include ability to communicate with all kinds of people. Since they work in social places like bars, resto's, casinos, and restaurants, bartenders are required to have excellent communication skills.

Good decision making skills. There are legal issues involve in this work. Usually serving alcoholic beverages to minors can get one in trouble. So bartenders are required to practice good decision skills. They should also be able to determine and decide whether to stop serving alcoholic drinks to intoxicated customers.

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Flair Bartending Is an Art and Wonderful to Watch

Flair bartending was introduced to the world by Jerry Thomas who was popularly known as "The Professor." The "Blue Blazer" was a cocktail created by Jerry by mixing hot water streams with Scotch whisky. This happened in the 1800's and become immensely popular in those days.

It was from this beginning that this type of bartending picked up recognition and popularity. The attraction of this special skill is such that today, these professional bartenders are hot favorites at all types of parties. Bars, hotels and similar institutions use their services to launch and advertise their premises, while new products also use this as a vehicle for advertising.

Many leading distilleries and hotels have organized special bartending events with flair bartenders, to gain mileage for their products or services. So popular has this profession become today that you can find special courses and diplomas offered on the subject.

If you're planning to stopover at a bar or pub this evening, then look for one that offers professional flair bartending. Yes, you do need that refreshing drink, don't you? If you have the time for a couple drinks and some entertainment, then why not enjoy some awesome, visual entertainment that flair bartenders offer. For free!!

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Learn To Be a Bartender # 1

Knowing All Kind Beverage in Bar


Beverage is all of liquid drinks, except medicine which are prepare and sold in bar.


Divided by three functions:

1. Stimulating (drinks that has strong aromas)

=> Coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino

2. Refreshing (drink that satisfying the thirst)

=> Mineral water, soft drink / artificial mineral water, syrup, squash.

3. Nourishing (Drinks contain of vitamins and nutrition to the body)

=> Juices, milk, cream, chocolate.

Natural Mineral Water

Storing or refrigerated separate with the other items that are strong in aromas

Service : Cold from the refrigerator or straight

Glass : Water goblet, Collins or other long glasses.

Brand : Evian, Perrier, san Pellegrino, appolinaries, vischi.

No-No : Avoid serve with ice cube.

Artificial mineral water/soda/soft drink

This nonalcoholic beverage contains of water, carbon dioxide, sugar, and essence and natrium benzoate. Storing or refrigerated separate with the other items that are strong in aromas.


Soda water (natural water with co2, colorless and odorless)

Tonic water (natural mineral water, co2 with quinine flavored, colorless)

Ginger ale (water with co2 and ginger flavored)

Bitter lemon (water with orange flavored and has bitter taste)

Coca-Cola/Pepsi (water with co2 and cacao flavored and has brown color)

Orange crush (water with co2 and orange flavored and orange color)

Sprite/7 up (water, co2 and lemon flavored)


Glasses : highball, Collins, water goblet

Service : chilled or served with ice cube

No-No : avoid shake in cocktail shaker



All beverages that has alcohol contains obtain by fermentation. (Ethyl alcohol)

They are divided by three:

1. Beer/ malt beverages

2. Spirits

3. Wine

1. Beer / Malt Beverages

Is an alcoholic beverage fermented from cereals or grains to become malt and flavored with hops. It is made through brewing process. Water is the biggest part and has alcohol 4%-6% content.

How beer is made?

First, the barley is stepped-that is the dry, hard grains are soaked in water for two days to soften them. Once softened, the barley is ready for germinating. The grains are place in temperature and humidity controlled compartments for about a week, during the barley will sprout into what is thermal "green malt" and produce the enzyme amylase, an enzyme than enables the conversation of starch to sugar for fermentation.

The green malt dried in a kiln to stop the sprouts from further development. Here, time and temperature control are critical, as the amount of time the green malt spends in the kiln and the roasting temperature decide the degree of sweetness and the color of the end product. Once dried the barley malt is sifted through to extract the sprouts, after which the remaining malt is ground in a milling process.

After milling, hot water and milled barley are mixed in a mashing turn, creating a cereal mash, which causes the starch to change to sugar, forming a liquid called "wort". The wort is brew in a large kettle for several hours and hops are added to enhance the aroma and flavor, than the hops are filtered out, and the wort is chilled immediately, helping to produce a clear beer.

Pitch together with yeas in a large tank, the worts begins to ferment, producing carbon dioxide. After a week or so, depending upon the brew, the beer is ready for maturation, during which the beer will develop new characteristics in its flavor and aroma.

Lastly, the beer is racked, canned or bottled for the consumer. Racked beer is not filtered but kegged directly from the maturation tank. Kegs generally are not pasteurized because they are consumed quickly, while cans and bottles with potentially longer lives are pasteurized to avoid spoiling.

Ingredients of making beers:




Brewer yeast

Fining / sturgeon



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