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IPad 5: News, and Possible Features

Some of the burning questions surrounding iPad are when will the fifth generation machine come out. Industry analysts believe that the iPad 5 will be released early 2013 along with the iPad Mini Retina Display version and also the new iPhone 6. This implies that Apple will move away from its one year product release timelines to a six month period for releasing new products. The primary reason for Apple to do this is due to the rising levels of competition in all the product segments. Apple is facing a lot of competition from Samsung or Google in all arenas like smartphones or even tablets. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is important for Apple to increase the quality of products and manufacture products with great technology and fabulous features.

Here are some rumors regarding the possible features that iPad 5 might bring with it:

● New Design

The new iPad 5 will definitely be thinner, lighter and will have a new design as compared to the previous versions of the device. Given the launch of Microsoft Surface, Apple is under increased pressure to release a 9.7" device in order to remain competitive in that segment.

● Better Processor

The iPad 5 is rumored to have the A6X processor built in it. This version of the processor will be two times faster than the previous processor present in iPad 4. There are reports of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company being involved in manufacturing these processors in large quantities for Apple. TSMC and Apple have reportedly signed a deal for supply of processors for its new devices and this will cause Samsung to be wary of competition from Apple.

● Better LTE

It might be possible that the iPad 5 will have a lightning connector having better LTE capabilities. Also, the rumor mill suggests that Apple might include the GF2 or GF DITO technology on its touch screens. The GF2 technology has already been added to the iPad Mini and it might be included in the iPad that will help make it lighter and way thinner than its existing dimensions.

● Increased Battery Life

Instead of the existing two LEDs on the iPad, the next generation iPad 5 might have only one LED which will cut down on the power consumed thereby increasing its battery life. It will save battery power and will also end up being more energy efficient.

● Better Display

Corning is said to be working on a new glass Gorilla Glass 3, which will have better anti scratch and better strength of the display.

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iPad Cases

Apple products have never been more popular than they are now, with the popularity of iTunes and the iPod, it is hard for us to even imagine how they could've possibly have made it better, but they left us dumbfounded again when they released the iPad. With all the functions of the iPod, the iPad is a multimedia monster. With its ability to watch high definition movies all the way to its very own bookstore, the iPad is the most revolutionary device to have hit our society today.

Given its price and value, it is without a doubt that we would surely care for it as if it were our own child. However no matter how hard you try, you surely can't preserve it at the condition as it was back when you first got it. This could be attributable to many factors such as self-negligence. We are all only human and we can't be perfect all the time, which is why no matter how hard we try to maintain the iPad we will eventually at some point screw up and end up damaging our precious iPad. Another popular cause for damages to the iPad or any other electronic device for that matter, are natural elements. At any given time or place, accidents will happen and if you do not have the proper protection for your iPad, nothing you do will be able to save it from getting utterly destroyed.

Which is why, the developers have provided a guardian angel to be constantly there to protect your precious iPad, the iPad cases. Most of us burn a hole in our wallets when we purchase the iPad, which is why when given the option to purchase an iPad casing, we instantly shut ourselves off from all the benefits and just be on our merry home. The issue here is that most of us have this perception that iPad cases are nothing more than just fancy decorations at a high price. When in actual facts, iPad cases are your first line of defense for your iPad against all the dangers out there. Every iPad casing is built and engineered to allow you to have access to all iPad functions while giving it the best protection available.

In addition to all that, we have to understand that the iPad is an extremely sensitive device hence those geniuses amongst us whom prefer to build homemade protective cases would be shocked to find their lovely iPad's badly scratched up or worst spoilt. The genuine iPad cases can save you from all these problems, while maintaining access to all your iPad functions, along with the added benefit of beautiful designs and graphics.

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ipad 5

After the launch of ipad 3 the admirers of Apple were very surprised by hearing the announcement of ipad 4 during an event organized by Apple in the year 2012. According to the sources the company is also planning of launching ipad 5 in the early months of 2013. At the 2012 October Apple event Apple has declared the launching of series of novel handsets that consist of ipad mini moreover the full sized ipad of third generation. After all these launchings the company is ready to launch the new fangled, lighter, thinner the ipad 5.

In the field of tablet business the ipad 5 possess a display of 9.7 inches which is really superb. Looking at the great success of the ipad mini it seems that the ipad 5 would go to acquire plenty not success and popularity. According to the sources in the middle of 2013 Apple would go to launch the ipad 5 whereas according to the Japanese site the launching date of the gadget would be March 2013. If discussing the features of the ipad 5 naturally the gadget possess some extraordinary feature as compare to the earlier ipad.

The ipad 4 possess the similar weight, price, thickness just like its predecessor but this time this latest gadget would be more slim and light weight to the previous version. Apple provided the novel A6X processor system on a chip to the ipad 4 device which implies that the speed of the gadget and is two times fast as compare to its predecessor. Apple has also provided an advanced LTE support and a novel lightning connector and is accessible on the fourth generation ipad. Apple iPhone 4S deals is a top more handset.

According to the news Apple this time is planning of providing a GF2 and touch screen technology to the ipad 5. Moreover this GF2 was already employed in the novel mini version of the ipad that helps the gadget in making it 23% thinner and 53% lighter as compare to its predecessor. Also if Apple wants to reduce the weight of this novel ipad then the company can take the help of the one LED light bar in place of the two that are accessible in the existing ipad3. Moreover this novel ipad would go to consume less energy and would jog on thinner and smaller battery.


iPad 5 Compared With iPad Mini

Some analysts also say that it ate quite a chunk of the share of the success of iPad 4. The next big question is if iPad Mini will be able to sustain the excitement it has generated once the fifth generation iPad is released in 2013? Ever product released by Apple has its own sweet charm. The products which Apple comes up with are great when it comes to technology as well as the fabulous features it offers. What was surprising about iPad 4's release was the fact that it was released in quick succession after the iPad 3. Despite the iPad 4 being an improvement over its predecessor, most critics feel there isn't much of a noticeable difference between the two. This has in fact increased the level of expectations from iPad 5 which is expected to release sometime early 2013.

In addition to the existing pressure, the iPad 5 will definitely be compared its miniature version, the iPad Mini. As iPad Mini is doing very well in the market, there are some speculations if iPad Mini could emerge as a competitor to its big brother. iPad 5 gives you a complete experience

If you want to put both these products in the comparator basket, you have to first realize that they belong to different categories. Their target segments are different hence they have been designed to be different products. To help you make a better choice, it would be helpful to understand some differences and similarities between the two products.

  • The full sized screen with retina display will give you a great experience. The retina display was first
  • introduced on the iPad 4 and was a feature appreciated by many users. The iPad 5 is expected to bring something more to the table.

  • Browsing is very easy when done on a full screen. Additionally, it is also expected that the iPad 5 will
  • bring with it better 4G connection capabilities.

  • With some exceptional graphics be ready to have a great gaming experience The one place where
  • the iPad Mini scores over the iPad is portability. It easily fits into your coat pocket or a handbag. If your top priority is portability, iPad Mini is what will clearly score over iPad. iPad Mini gives you more at less.

  • The iPad Mini has received great reviews and is definitely being looked at as a huge competition
  • to full sized tablets.

  • It is very light and extremely portable. The iPad Mini can be used with only one of your hands
  • and this is not possible in case of any other full sized tablet.

  • You get the same features of a full sized iPad at a much lower cost and this is the most attractive
  • feature.

  • You have access to all the applications and games you can get on the iPad Mini as well.


The one area where iPad Mini scoresless is the browsing capabilities. You have to keep zooming in and out. The screen is also not as appealing as a retina display of iPad 4 and it is expected that iPad 5 will be much better in this department. Given that both products are to be viewed in different categories, they're both top of the class in each category. The user can make a choice as to what to buy based on what's more important to him or her.


How to clean your iPad or iPhone

When you possess a high tech and high valued product like iPad or iPhone, it is importance that you take a good care of this electronic device so that it will last longer. However, the easiest way to care for your Apple iPad or iPhone is not just go out and buy various products that can keep your device safe throughout its life. But just simply clean it as frequent as you can. However, the major problem now for many iPad or iPhone's users is they don't know how to clean properly this unique device which its screen is so sensitive to touch. Therefore, there is high tendency to damage if we do not clean it properly.

Indeed, you cannot simply wash it with any type of cleaners because these cleaners could actually cause your device to malfunction, then giving you a defective product. When you are cleaning your iPhone or iPad, you must make sure that you take extra care and do it carefully without rush. The reason behind this is because if you are lazy or in a hurry, you may damage the inner workings of the device, as well as the ever important screen. When come to cleaning iPhone or iPad, there are a few items that you must have in front of you. These items will allow you to effectively clean your device without damaging the sensitive touch screen or the inner workings of your fantastic smartphone or tablet.

Before you clean your iPhone or iPad, you need to ensure that you have the following items:

1. Microfiber cloth or cleaning pads for iPad

2. Alcohol & Ammonia Free Screen cleaner

3. Your favorite CD to make you feel relax and enjoyable throughout the process of cleaning.

Make sure you never use window cleaner or any other type of chemical agents or solutions to clean your Apple device, because these can actually hinder the way the screen interacts with you. Use only Alcohol & Ammonia Free Screen cleaner. Once you have gathered all of the items mentioned above, sit down and start doing your cleaning work now. Spray the screen cleaner onto the middle of the surface of the screen and wipe the screen with microfiber cloth in a up-and-down motion. Do not wipe in circles, because this can leave behind smudges that are unsightly when you turn on your iPhone. It will usually take one or two wipes to clean the entire surface of your iPad or iPhone. A good cleaning solution does not drip, streak or stain. After that, use the same microfiber cloth to wipe off a corner and entire device.

Regarding to how often you need to clean your device largely depend on how much you use it. Since the screen of your iPhone or iPad is the interface to the entire product, then you will be using it constantly. Oils from your fingers will begin to build up and create a dingy look to the screen. Average users clean their device once a week, may be once every two weeks.

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