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Types Of iPad Air Cases : Which is the right type for you?

The tablets comes very important part of our lives. They store our pictures, with them we listen our favorite songs, watch movies or just browse internet. But this type of electronic device is small and light weight , so we should consider using a protective case to minimize the risk of damage, scratches or scuffs. There have many options , when you looking for an iPad Air case, so can be difficult to select the one among so many.

You should be more informed about all cases on the market and we will help you with your buying decision.

Case types:

● Shells and Skins

This type of case cover the back and sides of your device. The screen is open, without any protection. You can choose from many types from thin , soft-silicone to polycarbonate-rubber protection.

● Sleeves

This case act as a briefcase and protect your ipad from dirt, bumps, scratches and fingerprints. Some of the cases have zipper feature , you can find them under the name zipper cases.

● Folio Cases

For full and stylish protection you should choose folio cases. They fully protects ipad Air from scratches and accidents. You can easy open the tablet without to remove it from the case.

● Bags

With a bag you can carry your lovable ipad Air everywhere with many other useful stuff your such as your favorites book.

● Carrying Packs

When you want to carry more than your iPad Air , such as a charger, cables or Bluetooth keyboard you need to think for carrying packs.

● Body Films

With body films you can easy protect backside and the side of your device from scuffs and scratches . This is very light protection which add simply a thin layer of some material onto your iPad Air. You can ease remove this types of case when you decide to not use it anymore.

● Screen Films

These cases are designed to protect the screen of iPad Air from any scratches , but keeping touchscreen performance unchanged. Some of them can also reduce screen glare. Well, it's not perfect type of case , because some cases would make glare and fingerprints to look a much worse. If you like simple , light cases Screen films will be the best option for you.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 The tablet era has begun

Samsung has released a plethora of Android running slates over the past few years in an attempt to continue its mission to become the market leader in a souk where the Cupertino based telecommunication giant rules with its dominant iPad. But, the South Korean electronics giant has continued to fall short of success. Now, flaunting a stylish stylus, the Galaxy Note 10.1 strives to break the monopoly of Apple.

The overriding feeling users feel when they pick up the Galaxy Note 10.1 for the very first time is that it is exactly what occurs when the imposing layout sense present in Samsung's stellar Galaxy S3 meets the world of typical Android slates. The Galaxy Note 10.1 comprises of majority of the similar materials as the Galaxy S3, with this tablet offering a rear & border surrounding its touchscreen of nice white plastic, with the edge surrounding the whole package & tiny highlights elsewhere being done from the similar slick metal substance discovered on the Galaxy S3.

The truth that the Asian giant has taken this approach is quite great; similar to Apple with its iPhone & iPad range, it's reasonable that the South Korean mobile phone maker desires to keep its layout philosophy between the several thingies in its lineup. Also, it's worth noticing that this is accurately what the American manufacturer has done with its iPad mini lineup; the beveled edge of the latest smaller iPad is more reminiscent of what is discovered on the iPhone 5 than on earlier Apple iPads.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 also enhances majority of the attributes which users anticipate to arrive with an Android slate. For beginners, its central processing unit offers a lot of absolute kick to it; it is a 1.4 GHz Exynos quad core model, seeming to be the similar processor discovered in the Galaxy S3. It arrives in 16 GB, 32 GB & 64 GB variants & its micro SD card slot can go up to 64 GB of additional memory space. Its primary snapper is a 5 MP mode & its front viewing snapper a 1.9MP mode. The list of connectivity features includes bluetooth, Wi Fi, etc. The battery is a powerful 7000mAh model, which ensures great battery life. The 3G model is supporting HSPA+ up to 21Mbps in the 850, 900 & 2100MHz bands. Also, 2 GB of RAM is present.

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Best Review on Apple iPad Air

While remotely it remains like past emphases, incorporating its Retina show, the iPad Air gloats another A7 64-bit preparing chip. Be that as it may, Tablet pc review noted that the diminishing in the measure of the bezel made it more troublesome to hold the tablet in representation mode.

The Retina show has the same determination as the past model, 264 ppi, and it emphasizes the same capacitive touchscreen engineering in this technology, so clients are still left without any weight affectability. Fruit diminished the amount of Led backdrop illuminations in the showcase to half from the past model, and rather incorporated optical film layers to scatter the light uniformly. This implies that clients get the same extraordinary Retina show, yet with less strain on electric storage device life. Tcpr noted that the diminishing in Led backdrop illumination wasn't perceptible and the apparatus was still brilliant enough to read outside in immediate daylight.

Electric storage device existence with the iPad Air lets clients go a full day on one charge, with Tcpr timing 11.5 hours for web skimming and perusing eBooks on a solitary charge while associated with Wi-Fi. This surpassed Apple's promoted 10 hours of electric storage device life, yet a phone association trimmed a hour off the 11.5 hour aggregate, carrying it closer to the publicized 10 hours.

The iPad Air technology is the first ios tablet to get to Apple A7 64-digit Cpu, which Tpcr states "has the possibility to carry desktop-quality programming to the ios." However, that is just a potential until further notice, since just a couple of unbiased gathering applications presently exist that are good with the 64-bit engineering. Regarding speed, Tpcr discovered that the A7 chip offers "80% speedier execution than the one in the iPad 4," and that its "five times quicker than the processor in the ipad 3." Testers likewise discovered that the ipad Air didn't overheat while playing motion picture or realistic serious diversions, something ipad 3 possessors complained about.

While the quicker chip may offer better speeds and the likelihood of desktop-like applications sometime later, the iPad Air is saddled with just 1gb of Ram, accordingly restricting the full potential of the A7 processor. The immaterial Ram primarily influences the measure of site pages that clients can open as soon as possible, significance pages will reload when a client has various tabs open.

The iPad Air runs ios 7 technology, Apple's most recent form of its portable working framework. Fruit is additionally offering iWork and iLife allowed to anybody that buys another ios apparatus. This looks good for organizations and purchasers, making it simple to open up Microsoft Office archives or to utilize iPhoto, iMovie, or Garage band.

Generally speaking, the iPad Air is speedier and lighter than its ios ancestors and it emphasizes an amazing show and protracted electric storage device life. The iPad Air misses the point regarding the matter of accessible Ram, with the 1gb constraining the execution of the A7 chip.


iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


iPad Air

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Dimensions L x W x H

6.60 x 0.29 x 9.40 inches

7.09 x 1.31 x 10.32 inches


1 pounds

1.3 pounds


1.4 GHz

1.4 GHz Tablet Processor

Operating System

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Apple iOS 7

Screen Size

9.7 inches

10.1 inches

Screen Type



Screen Resolution

2048 x 1536 pixels

1280 x 800 pixels

Screen Pixels Per Inch

264 ppi

298 ppi

Storage Capacity (as Tested)

16 GB

16 GB





Apple Lightning

MHL, micro USB

Rear Webcam Resolution

5 MP

5 MP

Cellular Technology


Wi-Fi (802.11x) Compatibility



Bluetooth Version



Average Battery Life

10 hours

9 hours


How to clean your iPad or iPhone

When you possess a high tech and high valued product like iPad or iPhone, it is importance that you take a good care of this electronic device so that it will last longer. However, the easiest way to care for your Apple iPad or iPhone is not just go out and buy various products that can keep your device safe throughout its life. But just simply clean it as frequent as you can. However, the major problem now for many iPad or iPhone's users is they don't know how to clean properly this unique device which its screen is so sensitive to touch. Therefore, there is high tendency to damage if we do not clean it properly.

Indeed, you cannot simply wash it with any type of cleaners because these cleaners could actually cause your device to malfunction, then giving you a defective product. When you are cleaning your iPhone or iPad, you must make sure that you take extra care and do it carefully without rush. The reason behind this is because if you are lazy or in a hurry, you may damage the inner workings of the device, as well as the ever important screen. When come to cleaning iPhone or iPad, there are a few items that you must have in front of you. These items will allow you to effectively clean your device without damaging the sensitive touch screen or the inner workings of your fantastic smartphone or tablet.

Before you clean your iPhone or iPad, you need to ensure that you have the following items:

1. Microfiber cloth or cleaning pads for iPad

2. Alcohol & Ammonia Free Screen cleaner

3. Your favorite CD to make you feel relax and enjoyable throughout the process of cleaning.

Make sure you never use window cleaner or any other type of chemical agents or solutions to clean your Apple device, because these can actually hinder the way the screen interacts with you. Use only Alcohol & Ammonia Free Screen cleaner. Once you have gathered all of the items mentioned above, sit down and start doing your cleaning work now. Spray the screen cleaner onto the middle of the surface of the screen and wipe the screen with microfiber cloth in a up-and-down motion. Do not wipe in circles, because this can leave behind smudges that are unsightly when you turn on your iPhone. It will usually take one or two wipes to clean the entire surface of your iPad or iPhone. A good cleaning solution does not drip, streak or stain. After that, use the same microfiber cloth to wipe off a corner and entire device.

Regarding to how often you need to clean your device largely depend on how much you use it. Since the screen of your iPhone or iPad is the interface to the entire product, then you will be using it constantly. Oils from your fingers will begin to build up and create a dingy look to the screen. Average users clean their device once a week, may be once every two weeks.

Here's a list of iPad, accessories and the other product


Apple iPad Air MD788LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, White with Silver) NEWEST VERSION

Apple iPad 2 MC916LL/A Tablet (64GB, Wifi, Black) 2nd Generation

Apple iPad Air MD786LL/A (32GB, Wi-Fi, Black with Space Gray) NEWEST VERSION

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (32GB, Deep Grey)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (16GB, White)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi)

MoKo Apple iPad Air Case - Slim-Fit Case with Stand for iPad 5 Air (5th Gen) Tablet, BLACK (With Smart Cover Auto Wake / Sleep)

Snugg iPad Air (iPad 5) Case in 'Distressed' Brown Leather - Flip Cover and Stand with Automatic Wake / Sleep, Elastic Hand Strap & Soft Premium Nubuck Fibre Interior to Protect Apple iPad Air (iPad 5) - Includes Lifetime Guarantee

Ctech 360 Degrees Rotating Stand (black) Leather Case for iPad 2 2nd generation

Power Bright XC120 Cup Inverter, 120-watt 12V DC cigarette lighter to 120V AC to power laptop notebook & more w/ 3 USB ports 2.1A shared compatible with iPad & more